Knitting Something Beautiful : Kismet Fiber Works



When the ladies over at Kismet Fiber Works asked me to photograph a new collection they were launching this month, I was down!

Little did I know how big the knitting world is…and fascinating. I photographed at their studio in Buchanan, VA, where they create and dye their own yarn. Whhhaaaaat. How cool is that?!

Recently, they launched their new Rooted Collection, yarn made from one of the owner’s local alpaca farm. Along with their new collection became some really cool patterns, available for sale here!

Below are a few of my favorites from the styled shoot + a couple of behind the scenes:

Kismet-001 Kismet-002 Kismet-003 Kismet-004 Kismet-005 Kismet-006 Kismet-007 Kismet-008 Kismet-009 Kismet-010 Kismet-011 Kismet-012 Kismet-013 Kismet-014 Kismet-015 Kismet-016 Kismet-017 Kismet-018 Kismet-019 Kismet-020 Kismet-021 Kismet-022 Kismet-023