Matthew + Joanna : Braeloch Wedding

Joanna’s brother and father both used the words “iron butterfly” when speaking about Joanna. Her brother described her as independent and as someone who never needed another person to take care of her, to protect her. When she went to college, her brother, being often as older brothers do, was protective of his baby sister. He watched after her, became her body guard, then this guy came along…Matthew…and changed everything.

Joanna and her bridesmaids spent most of their time before getting ready playing Charades, such a cool and calm group!

Matthew + Joanna decided to forgo the first look on their wedding and Joanna decided to do one with her father and brother instead. Such an awesome idea in lieu of the bride and groom first look! It was such a special time for her family to share in a moment together before the ceremony.

For the ceremony, Joanna entered the field, overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, with her father in an old Rolls. When the car pulled up to the field, you could read the excitement and anticipation all over Matthew’s face. This is always a favorite moment of mine, and man, there was so many awesome moments of Matthew + Joanna’s wedding day. Check ’em out below!

Ceremony / Reception: Braeloch
Wedding Planner: Events by Sherri
Hair: Winning Image
Make-Up: Glamour by GiGi
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Dress: Maggie Sottero from Amrheins
Cake: Custom Cakes
Florist: Best Wishes

Special thanks to my second shooter, Jason from Simples Times Photography!

MatthewJoanna-005 MatthewJoanna-006 MatthewJoanna-007

Joanna wore her great grandmother’s ring. Her great grandmother wore it in her shoe when she travelled during the Holocaust. Such a spectacular ring!
MatthewJoanna-009 MatthewJoanna-010





A game of Charades! Can you guess the word??

MatthewJoanna-011 MatthewJoanna-012 MatthewJoanna-013 MatthewJoanna-014 MatthewJoanna-015 MatthewJoanna-017 MatthewJoanna-018 MatthewJoanna-019 MatthewJoanna-020 MatthewJoanna-021 MatthewJoanna-022 MatthewJoanna-023 MatthewJoanna-025 MatthewJoanna-026 MatthewJoanna-027 MatthewJoanna-028 MatthewJoanna-029 MatthewJoanna-030 MatthewJoanna-031 MatthewJoanna-032 MatthewJoanna-033 MatthewJoanna-001 MatthewJoanna-034 MatthewJoanna-035 MatthewJoanna-036 MatthewJoanna-037 MatthewJoanna-039 MatthewJoanna-041 MatthewJoanna-042 MatthewJoanna-043 MatthewJoanna-046 MatthewJoanna-047 MatthewJoanna-049 MatthewJoanna-050 MatthewJoanna-051 MatthewJoanna-053 MatthewJoanna-054 MatthewJoanna-056 MatthewJoanna-057 MatthewJoanna-058 MatthewJoanna-059 MatthewJoanna-062 MatthewJoanna-065 MatthewJoanna-066 MatthewJoanna-067 MatthewJoanna-068 MatthewJoanna-069 MatthewJoanna-070 MatthewJoanna-071 MatthewJoanna-072 MatthewJoanna-073 MatthewJoanna-074 MatthewJoanna-075 MatthewJoanna-076 MatthewJoanna-077 MatthewJoanna-078 MatthewJoanna-079 MatthewJoanna-080 MatthewJoanna-082 MatthewJoanna-083 MatthewJoanna-002 MatthewJoanna-084 MatthewJoanna-085 MatthewJoanna-086 MatthewJoanna-087 MatthewJoanna-088 MatthewJoanna-089 MatthewJoanna-090 MatthewJoanna-091 MatthewJoanna-092 MatthewJoanna-093 MatthewJoanna-094 MatthewJoanna-095 MatthewJoanna-096 MatthewJoanna-097 MatthewJoanna-098




A late night snack of Chicken and Waffles by Blue Ridge Catering!

MatthewJoanna-099 MatthewJoanna-100 MatthewJoanna-101 MatthewJoanna-102 MatthewJoanna-003 MatthewJoanna-103