Nate + Susie : Stunning Mountainside Wedding

I’m not even sure words can do Nate + Susie’s wedding justice. It was beyond just lovely, it was full of such special moments with incredible people. The sun was hot and bright, turning to afternoon thunderstorms that made for a cool spring evening. On the side of Mill Mountain, just below the large, illuminated star, an evening of celebration was enjoyed. A few of my favorite moments:

  • Susie’s mom, Nancy, surprised her with a few additions to her bouquet. Long sky blue ribbons flowed from her bouquet, each ribbon had a word or phrase from her bridesmaids that best described Susie. At the very top of the bouquet was a delicate white embroidered handkerchief Nancy had bought for Susie’s wedding day many, many years ago. Such a wonderful wedding day surprise!
  • On top of a mountain, on the edge of a garden, Nate + Susie had their first look. It included a twirl and the biggest smiles. Large soft pink peonies framed them with a fountain singing in the background.
  • When I say we finished all of the family photos RIGHT BEFORE the rain started and it was time to go to the church, I am not exaggerating. As we packed up our gear from the photos and to go to the church, large rain drops fell and thunder sounded across the sky. Thankfully, the storm stayed through the church ceremony and blew by just in time for the reception.
  • Rockledge, owned by Susie’s parents, is some kind of magical. It was the perfect backdrop for a candlelight dinner, under a clear tent to see the stars and amazing view of the city. A sparker exit took Nate + Susie off in a red, convertible Bel Air. Sigh.
  • One of Nate + Susie’s wedding gifts was a painting from Maria Osorio Driscoll. I loved that she setup at the reception and painted so guests could watch the progress!

Ceremony: Crystal Spring Baptist Church
Reception: Rockledge (private residence)
Coordinator: Linda Garbee
Florist and Caterer: Plantation Creations
Hair: Amy England / JCPenny
Makeup: Danielle / MAC
DJ: Quest Entertainment

Special thanks to Jason from Simple Times Photography for photographing with me!

NateSusieWedding-001 NateSusieWedding-002 NateSusieWedding-003 NateSusieWedding-005



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