A New Chapter for the Book

It has become a bit of a tradition to blog around my birthday a few life sessions I’ve learned from the past year. See here, here and here.

There are a couple that I just keep learning year after year 😀 Enough practice and I’ll have them down!

Milk Birthday Truffles

This past year is one chapter that will standout in the book:
– First trip to New York City (can’t wait to go back!!)
– Expanded my business and now call Charlotte, NC home
– Photographed my very first destination wedding
– The heartache that comes when losing a pet
– Spoke at a digital marketing conference for the day job
– The heart flutters that come when getting a new pet
– Photographing my first wedding at Mountain Lake (in the rain, wind and fog)

If there’s one life lesson I achieved in the past year it’s really just a simple one: to be patient and understanding with MYSELF.

Tara Lilly Photography

A year and half ago I was quite full of frustration with myself. I’d lose patience if I didn’t achieve, do, find, make, succeed at ______________ (insert goal here) in ____ (amount of time here). Time became the enemy and instead of working with it, I would brace myself and try to work against it. Something small that would happen during the day could turn it on it’s edge and I’d call it a loss of a day.

I started to care LESS about the unimportant things. If I’m being honest, I just started this very recently. When I say started, I really began not giving additional thought or feelings to things that wouldn’t matter in a day, week, month, year, etc. I’m being even more selective on the battles I choose to fight and understanding the importance of the times it’s better to listen and not speak.

I stopped giving myself a hard time for the way I would feel. It’s just REALLY hard at times to forgive someone when an apology is never offered. It’s REALLY hard at times to move on from hurt feelings. Those things take time and I’m letting myself work through those moments instead of burying them.

Tara Lilly Photography

And today, I’m hanging out with my big furry fella and my dog (hahaha I know I’m corny). Watching all of the Disney and Christmas movies, eating birthday truffles and potato chips.  I need to do days like this more often 😀

Be kind to yourself, people. Give patience and understanding to those around you, but don’t forget to give it to yourself too.

Charlotte Photographer