New York City Adventures

I’ve been wanting to visit New York City for a long time.

Broadway shows.
Taxi rides.

My honey surprised me with a trip to New York City with check marks on all of the above. I wish I could pick a favorite part…I can’t. Getting lost in the MET Museum, exploring just a piece of Central Park, still having dried cheese from Shake Shack on my coat after seeing Aladdin on Broadway….it was all a good time in my book.




Pizza was a must and the first thing we did after getting off the plane. Because, priorities. 


Times Square. I geeked out over the Sanrio store. Anyone remember that being in the mall?
NewYork-004 NewYork-005 NewYork-006 NewYork-007 NewYork-008 NewYork-009 NewYork-010


Macy’s!!! I beelined it to the top floor to the Christmas section. 
NewYork-012 NewYork-013 NewYork-014Milkbar. Oh momfuku you make my tastebuds happy.
NewYork-016 NewYork-017 NewYork-018

You guys. This is the hotel from Home Alone 2. Ahhhh!





Central Park and the MET Museum. Yes!
NewYork-021 NewYork-022 NewYork-023 NewYork-024 NewYork-025 NewYork-026 NewYork-027


Here is where I take a bunch of food pics. You are welcome.
NewYork-029 NewYork-030 NewYork-031 NewYork-032 NewYork-033 NewYork-034 NewYork-035 NewYork-036 NewYork-037 NewYork-038 NewYork-039 NewYork-040 NewYork-041 NewYork-042 NewYork-043 NewYork-044 NewYork-045 NewYork-046 NewYork-047 NewYork-048 NewYork-049 NewYork-050 NewYork-051 NewYork-052 NewYork-053 NewYork-054 NewYork-055 NewYork-056 NewYork-057 NewYork-058 NewYork-059 NewYork-060 NewYork-061 NewYork-062 NewYork-063 NewYork-064 NewYork-065 NewYork-066 NewYork-067 NewYork-068 NewYork-069 NewYork-070 NewYork-071


The High Line was our very last stop before heading home. Loved. Loved. Loved. 
NewYork-073 NewYork-074 NewYork-075 NewYork-076 NewYork-077 NewYork-078 NewYork-079 NewYork-080 NewYork-081