Mark & Melinda Engaged : Roanoke Wedding Photographer Engaged Mark and Melinda chose a pretty awesome spot for their engagement portraits. One that I go to every now and again, but definitely not frequent enough. The Homeplace Restaurant made a beautiful backdro... READ MORE Being A Kid : Roanoke VA Photographer My Life   While doing some portraits of Miss Sophie Sunday she did some really fun poses that reminded me how much fun it was to be a kid and then I took a trip down memory lane. I'm pretty sur... READ MORE Robbie & Erin Engaged : Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer Engaged I've known Erin for a few years. She was a huge help for our wedding, she did all of the girls' hair and even coordinated our wedding to make sure everything went smoothly the day of. I'm very happy t... READ MORE Little Moments : Roanoke VA Photographer My Life Yesterday it occurred to me while I was rushing back home from a shoot at the lake. Going through the country winding curvy roads my thoughts wondered. While I approached a straightaway, I looked o... READ MORE Kevin & Natalie Engaged : Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer Engaged I met Kevin & Natalie in a beautiful location in Bedford that so happened to be the land of their soon to be home. This piece of land has quite a bit of sentimental value to it, it was where Natal... READ MORE Featured: Roanoke VA Photographer My Life I really get excited whenever I get the opportunity to share with someone my photography. I truly feel my photography isn't just about pictures, it's moments, feelings, personalities...Being apart of ... READ MORE