Pre-Christmas Fun : Roanoke VA Photographer My Life Every year around this time I want to bake. And not just a little bit, a ridiculous amount of food. This year I decided to do some of my usuals, but tried a couple of new recipes...ok, several new rec... READ MORE Mountain Woman : Roanoke VA Photographer My Life This past weekend we took a few days and headed up to the Smokey Mountains with some friends. I had never been to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, I usually head south or east to the beach for v... READ MORE Austin & Hunter : Roanoke VA Children’s Photographer Little Ones It was a beautiful fall Sunday. The leaves were starting to turn and fall, it actually was probably one of the last "warmer" days before it started to get really cold. I took Austin & Hunter's pic... READ MORE Custom Desk Calendars : Roanoke VA Photographer Uncategorized Just in time for the holidays....custom designed photo desk calendars! Just another fun way to show off your favorite photographs! The desk calendars include 12 images (that you pick) and is custom... READ MORE A Tradition of Black Olives My Life Oh my goodness, this is my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Sigh. Makes me very happy and feel cozy warm inside. If there's one thing that I can't help think of around Thanks... READ MORE Lakyn : Roanoke Children’s Photographer Little Ones I couldn't help fall in love with sweet little baby Lakyn. You may remember first meeting Lakyn here, in her mom, Lindsey's, belly. We went to a couple of my favorite places along the Blue Ridge Pa... READ MORE