Photograph Our Meetings? : Brand Photography

Often, small and medium-sized businesses know they need professional photography that represents their product/service and their team, but it really goes beyond that.

Brand (or commercial) photography is something you should be doing on a regular basis instead of a one-and-done situation. It’s the opportunity to capture your team and moments of your business during various seasons (literally and figuratively).

If you’re thinking, “Ok, great, Tara, but really what the heck would we have photographed?” One opportunity is your meetings. It sounds boring but hear me out. Suppose your brand is focused on working with local vendors or collaborating with various partners or focused on a particularly mission. In that case, this is a huge opportunity to visually show what you do to support your community, certain organizations, tease an upcoming launch, or give your audience a behind the scenes view. Instead of just talking the talk: SHOW your customers and target audience.

Bigfoot Kick, a local apparel company, has a mission to work with various artists, minority-owned companies and support other brands that carry sustainable products. When they met up with a local artist and printing company, it was the perfect opportunity to visually capture their collaboration. It only took 30 minutes, but now they have a library of images to use on their website, social media, and email campaigns to tell a story and tease upcoming products with their partners:

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