Pinterest + Fall + Random

Sounds like a pretty interesting recipe for a blog post, huh?

Lately, I’ve fell into the Pinterest hole again. The one where you spend most of your free time just scrolling and saying out loud to yourself “Mmmm….cheesy AND the most delicious breakfast casserole.”

Oh yeah, I’m there.

All of that scrolling has resulted in some awesome Pin finds:

These 21 ideas for easy terrariums

This cheesy breakfast casserole (told you I found one)

Apple Pie Moscow Mule

Tomato Basil Tortellini Soup in 40 Minutes

Fall Calligraphy DIY Crafts

I want to do all of these fall decor ideas


I’ll probably think differently in a few months, but I’m ready for fall. The soups, grilled cheese, Halloween, apple spice…all of those good, cozy, comfy things. AND the cooler weather.

Here are some fall favs I’m loving…


This MUST-HAVE Halloween mug from Marshalls. I mean look at the cute lil Frankenstein peeking over!:
Charlotte Photographer Charlotte Photographer


The boyfriend bought this Pumpkin Spice candle for me from West Elm a year ago. Just walking past it fills the air with fall:

Charlotte Photographer


And here’s a pic of my new lil (big) guy with his new toy from his daddy:

Charlotte Photographer