Practice Makes Better Bagels

I think I’m a year behind the bread baking or just general baking trend that most did while in quarantine last year (it’s probably because I was working very long weeks a year ago and had time for nothing else). We don’t have to talk about that time in life, but I’m just now exploring all of the baking bread adventures. 

In case I haven’t put it out there enough, I eat a 99% vegan (I’ll eat honey) and 75% gluten-free diet (every once in a while, I’ll cheat with bread). Because I grew up with bread, biscuits, and everything gluten. I’m here to tell you homemade bagels are where it’s at. These photos are from my first attempt and the second attempt was much better as I got more comfortable with the process. 

I used this recipe, added baking soda to the boiling water, and used King Arthur Bread Flour. I did half of the bagels topped with everything bagel seasoning and half without. My next attempt will include trying to make cinnamon bagels. Yum.

Here’s what I learned: 

  • Patience and process. It’s a process you can’t rush through. Take each step with a perspective of patience as you have to let the dough rise/rest throughout. 
  • The first attempt won’t be the best one. I think we can all relate to that with just living through life. Just think back to your first attempt to parallel park; you have to get the feel of it before you nail it. Same with bagels. 
  • You don’t need oil or butter to make things taste good. Fight me on this.
  • Feel free to break the rules but know that you may be on your own journey when you do. As in, the instructions may be missing for anything new you try, but that doesn’t mean you should try anyways.

Here’s where my first attempt landed me in all of it’s food photography glory. We ate all of them in three days, so it was successful IMO.