Rainy Days

Took the camera out after a rainstorm yesterday to grab some lovely raindrops. I’ve done more walking this weekend, exploring Fourth Ward in Uptown Charlotte and some of the Greenways.

Encountered a 2 foot long black snack, I’ll spare those photos because snakes are ewuh. Played frisbee and must say I’ve got a pretty good spin. And finished the day with swinging, it’s good for the mind and soul you know.

A macro lens was a must to capture the raindrops below. I may have held my breath while shooting these, manual focus and a slight move will make it out of focus and what else is more frustrating then having to focus and refocus.

Rain-001 Rain-002 Rain-004 Rain-005 Rain-006 Rain-007


Wait. I have something important to say…



Nope, still talking.



Oh, quick pose.