What You Really Need To Know About Planning A Wedding


The ring.
The timelines.
The to-dos.
The journey to the wedding.

Planning a wedding is a process. It’s an adventure into a new chapter…into your new chapter together.

There are a few things that remain the same though, no matter the wedding, the time, the place or the couple:


The day is made by people and moments.

It’s not sweet poetry I’m writing here – I’m being very truthful when I say the people and the moments make a wedding day. Big budget, small budget. Big wedding, small wedding. The common thread is that each person is there to celebrate for a reason.

The blueprint of a wedding is pretty common, but the moments that build the day are so different. Your day. Your vision. Your vibe. Your family + friends. It’s a mix of each that make a wedding so unique.

Not all weddings are the same. I have the images to prove it.

I’ve had clients second guess doing a large wedding midway through the process. And that’s ok. It’s completely ok to not do what is “expected” or what so and so thinks you “should” do.

There is one reason for a wedding day and that’s what matters: you two. together.

Tara Lilly Wedding Photography

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality with these 3 things:

  • A day-of wedding coordinator
  • A good DJ
  • An experienced wedding photographer

I have horror stories. It’s true.

Of course, quality does matter with a lot of other things too like a caterer and venue and a good pair of heels that won’t break…

  • A stressed bride
  • Guests leaving early
  • Missing images

Those are painful.


It’s going to be amazing.

Remember, when I mentioned moments make a wedding? Those go unplanned, they go unwritten and without a checklist.

Those are the times he catches your glance across the reception while talking to guests. It’s when you put on the dress and goose bumps. It’s the feeling the minute right before the doors open for you to walk down the aisle.

It will be like no other day and it will be amazing.