Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Rain On Your Wedding Day

When the word “hurricane” was mentioned in the news, I knew the sunny 74º weather forecast just a couple of days before was no longer. The weather quickly changed over the next few days from a chance of rain to 100%.

As my car climbed the winding mountain road, the fog became dense. I could fill the wind push against my car as I accelerated. The higher I climbed the mountain, the more the wind blew rain onto the windshield. I looked at the temperature reading to see it dropping to the 50s. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the once planned outdoor wedding. I was assuming plans had changed and most of the event would be indoors. Either way, worry never crossed my mind.

Rainy Wedding Rain Wedding

I’ve photographed my share of weddings that it’s rained, been unusually cold, unusually hot and even snowed. The weather is the one thing you cannot preorder, beg or reason with for your wedding day. And because of this, planning an outdoor wedding becomes even more stressful. Expecting the worse and hoping for the best.

No matter what the weather does on a wedding day: the bride and groom still get married and there’s still a celebration. The truth is that the weather doesn’t make a wedding day, it’s always the people.

And the photography? Some of my favorite images are from rainy wedding days:

Wedding Photography

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Whatever the weather decides to do on your wedding day, celebrate and don’t worry about a thing. Everything will work out and at the end of the day you’ll find the weather never really mattered anyways.