Slow Sundays: Easter Edition

I like to spend my Sundays sloooooowly. Waking up slowly. Lay in bed for a while sipping coffee, watching church. Stay in bed for a while longer. Then usually find some sort of project to get into while catching up on my TV shows / movies.

This Sunday, was just about the same. The project today? Easter lunch.

I spent the morning cooking Easter lunch today with the boyfriend. Everything from scratch and made today.

The brownies may have turned out cake-y instead of fudge-y (ALWAYS fudge-y brownies!).
I may not have had hot sauce or paprika for the deviled eggs and had to be creative.
Making mashed potatoes is one of my thangs. I make them often, but in a rush to make it last minute, I may have added too much milk.

But you know what…everything still turned out delicious. I don’t pride myself on being a “presentation” cooker / baker. It’s more than edible, but may not be very pretty. For the recipes of everything we cooked, check out my Pinterest board.



Not too old to get an Easter basket…with Disney Princess chocolate and a coloring book.
Easter2016-002 Easter2016-003 Easter2016-004 Easter2016-005 Easter2016-006


Honey Glazed Salmon
Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
Deviled Eggs (I kinda sorta just winged them)
Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower
Mashed Potatoes



Just picture perfect…eh? : )

Brownie Parfait with M&Ms



I’ll be spending the rest of the evening working on my coloring skills.

Wishing each of you a very Happy Easter full of blessed hearts, stomach-laughs and full tummies.