And We Have a Snow Day!

I’ll admit, I was one of “those people” wanting one big snow storm this year. Snow just seems to bring a peace over everything, a quiet white that makes me want to stay cuddled up inside with a Vanilla Mocha.

This snow storm, I ventured out with my 4wd and my dad in tow to improve my snow driving skills. My dad is the snow driving pro, growing up in West Virginia, he’s no stranger to large snow storms and getting around. One thing he kept telling me is:

“The key is to keep the momentum.”

Whoa. Dad. You just said a perfect quote that applies to life as well. He’s good like that. I’ll be putting that quote in my back pocket for safekeeping…for driving in snow and driving through life, in general.

After my driving adventures, I took a walk in the woods with my camera. Holy moly…I forgot how much of a workout it is to walk in 12″ of snow. Snow workout like what!

I found the below beauties along the way. Now it’s time for my Vanilla Mocha : D

SnowDay2015-001 SnowDay2015-002 SnowDay2015-003 SnowDay2015-004 SnowDay2015-005 SnowDay2015-006 SnowDay2015-007 SnowDay2015-008 SnowDay2015-009