The Alderman’s Are Back At It!

I’m so thankful to have met this family and photographed some important moments in their life. Another year with this family, I always leave their session full of laughs.


AldermanFall15-001 AldermanFall15-002 AldermanFall15-003 AldermanFall15-005 AldermanFall15-007 AldermanFall15-009 AldermanFall15-011 AldermanFall15-012 AldermanFall15-014 AldermanFall15-015 AldermanFall15-017 AldermanFall15-018 AldermanFall15-019 AldermanFall15-021 AldermanFall15-022 AldermanFall15-023 AldermanFall15-024