The Lessons Left Behind

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With every experience, with every person, with every goodbye…I try to seal it with what I’ve learned from that moment or that person. Some lessons are easier to discover, others take a little searching. After being on earth for 90 years, you learn a few things along the way and to share those with others, it’s giving a piece of your discovery to help them find their way down the crazy path of life.


My grandmother ended her book, her last chapter of life, this past Wednesday. But the lessons I learned from her will still continue to live on with me.

– Stand Firm in Your Beliefs.
My grandmother had faith, a deep faith I still struggle to even get close to. She had morals, she was deeply rooted in her church and stood strong on her beliefs.

– Plant Your Seed & Work.
It’s pretty common knowledge with all of my family…my grandmother was a hard worker. Incredible work ethic. Her and my grandfather would plant huge gardens that would overflow with vegetables and fruit. They’d often visit us with bushels of string green beans and they’d put me and my sister to work canning. Her flower beds were full and beautiful. She cooked with love and crotched some of our baby clothes. I never recall her telling anyone how hard she worked or asking for recognition…she just did it.

– You’re Sometimes Wrong…and it’s ok.
Being strong in your beliefs is important…but it’s almost important to forgive, apologize and know when you’re wrong. Everyone stands on different beliefs and that’s ok. Don’t be that person that treats everyone as they are wrong if they don’t believe the same way you do, fill the world with a lil’ love and respect…it goes a lot longer.

– Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future.
At the age of 16, my grandmother quickly grew up and became an adult. She took care of her younger siblings after losing both of her parents to illness. Her family lived on top of a mountain, with acres and acres of land. Years later, she married my grandfather and started her own family, on top of another mountain. She found her “happy place” and with a person who treated her how she should be treated. She didn’t talk about that time in her childhood a lot, but she also didn’t use it to make excuses or keep her from making things happen, she just did kept going.

I learned so much from her and my grandfather, lessons I’ll never forget. My hope is to continue to learn new ones to pass on to others, or at least make somewhat of an impact as they have with so many people.

Below are a few photos my found recently that I just love.

My grandmother and grandfather on their wedding day:

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My grandmother with one of my uncles. I believe this Jeep was used to get to their house on the mountain where my grandmother grew up:

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My grandmother standing in front of just a piece of the land her family owned and worked:

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My grandmother as a baby (sitting on her mother’s lap):

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