The Madness of May

Every year,  May comes in like a tornado and leaves my head spinning. Every year, I’m so naive to think May will be no biggie.

The truth is I love May…the weather, Spring really amps up, everything turning green again and photography back in full swing. It’s the busiest month of the year for me with October on the heels. My dogs, Napolean and Bubba, know what I’m talking about!

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset


It was full of many memorable moments, like my sister graduating grad school!!!
(more to come on that soon)

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Three lovely couples with three lovely weddings!

DustinEricWeddingw-041 MatthewJoanna-034 TravisLeah-004

And several portrait sessions…some still yet to come!

I had a lil time off for the ol’ brain to have a break.


This girl is still working on her fitness game. It’s not easy to always (or feel like) doing the workout thing, but seeing even small results has been motivation enough to keep going…and eating healthy. Trying to be creative and pay attention to what goes into my body, I’m not putting in work at the gym for nothin’, know what I’m sayyyyyyin!

Below is oven roasted broccoli with Tuscan olive oil, baked salmon and brown rice with a tablespoon salsa. Did I mention how much I’m trying to avoid using salt? Now that takes creativity with flavors!

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Here’s to hoping June can knock it out of the park.
(And I can get my new shooting flats broken in, no joke…new shoes are not fun to be in for 8 hours straight. Wowsa.)
(Oh, and the lighting bugs show up early this year. I just love summer nights with lighting bugs lighting up the summer sky, almost like they’re a lil highlight to the stars.)