The No-Hibernation Winter

Whoa. It’s March and winter is almost over. Shall I repeat? Winter is almooooooossssst overrrrrrrrrrrr!

Most Winter months, I try to spend most of the time to recharge and reset for a new year and new goals. Since expanding my business to Charlotte, there hasn’t been much down time, but it hasn’t really felt like it’s been two months already into 2016.

I have over 7,000 photos on my phone. I’m not afraid to admit it! lol Is that a dead giveaway that I’m a photographer? Maybe?

Looking back through photos from February and January, makes me even more excited about the journey ahead. It’s not always lemonade and lollipops, but the good times have been more than making up for the bad times.

Below are a few iPhone images from the past couple of months:


Exploring some of the neighborhoods of Charlotte:
Charlotte NC
Charlotte NC


Photographed a wedding in the DR in January. Take me back, please!
Dominican Republic
IMG_0228I’m actually not a big drinker. When I do drink, I’m pretty picky especially with wine, but I’ve also learned I sleep better after drinking a glass!
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A few times, I’ve gone to a restaurant just to order dessert. I’m so adult.
I’ve been working on my food photography. My friends and family are so thankful for this as they have to wait a few extra minutes to actually eat their food : D
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This is the first year I haven’t been in the middle of a big snow storm. I’m not sure I miss it.
IMG_0533 Tara Lilly PhotographyNew Year’s and Ice Cream. Two very important things in life.
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I’ve been working on my crafting skills. I get it from my momma:
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My first boat show! This particular boat was as much as buying a house. 
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My dear client-turned-friend photographed her first wedding last month. When she asked about how she could repay me for helping, my request was her made-from-scratch apple pie. Oh my:
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Trying new things, including cocktail coffee drinks and cool little music venues:
My sister came to visit me recently! Brunch was a must with my aunt and cousin:
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My new day job-o is so different than my last corporate gig. One change: I can wear jeans, t-shirts and flannel to work:

New accomplishments driven by passion, hard work and an incredible team. It feels so good when the blood and sweat pay-off:
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And of course, I’ll end on a sweet note: a cinnamon roll Belgian waffle. Yum:
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