The Ultimate How-To Make-Up: 102

I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Part II of the Ultimate How-To Make-Up tutorial by the fabulous Jessica Hall. But, just incase you missed Part I, you can see it here.

Leaving off, we’ve built our base, the primer, concealer, foundation, contour, powder…now we’re ready to jump to the eyes.

Before we start with colors and fun, it’s important to prime the eyes, just like we did before with foundation. Primer for the eyes helps to reduce the shadow from creasing and help it last longer throughout the day.


Makeup-023 Makeup-024

When it comes to eye shadow colors, for a simple look, Jessica usually sticks with three colors:


  • Dark in the crease of the eyelid
  • Medium color on the lid
  • Light just under the brow



When choosing a brand of eye shadow, it is personal preference, but there IS a difference between drug store beauty products and department store products. Most drug store eye shadows are made with dye while department store eye shadows are made with pigment, making the product last longer.



When applying eye shadow, start with your “base” (the medium color) on your lid, work to your crease then to the highlight under your brow. For the best color combinations that would fit you, definitely meet with Jessica, she can help pick the best color pallet for you.


Makeup-028 Makeup-029 Makeup-030 Makeup-031 Makeup-032 Makeup-033 Makeup-034 Makeup-035 Makeup-036 Makeup-037 Makeup-038 Makeup-039

Next Step: Eyeliner


Secret tip: to keep the look soft, Jessica uses a dark eye shadow as eyeliner.


With an eyeliner brush, Jessica applies the shadow as close to the lash line as possible to the top and bottom. The bottom line should be kept much thinner than your top line.


Makeup-040 Makeup-041 Makeup-042 Makeup-043



Mascara is pretty easy to apply, no fancy dancy tricks here. After applying mascara, to keep from clumping and make sure you evenly apply, run a eyelash comb through your lashes while the mascara is still wet.


Makeup-044 Makeup-045 Makeup-046 Makeup-047



I was so unaware of how much impact THE brows can have on the face. To help frame and make your eyes pop, use brow powder or a matte eye shadow, the same color as your brows, to fill in. Tool of choice: slanted eyebrow brush.

Makeup-048 Makeup-049 Makeup-050 Makeup-051



Not all brush colors are equal. Not all brush colors are for everyone. Repeat. Just because your friend looks great in the peach-y blush does not mean you will. It really depends on your skin tone.


For that lovely check bone effect, apply to the apples of your cheek, try to keep the brush strokes above your nose and blend with a large brush. To really make your cheeks pop, apply a powder highlighter onto the cheekbones.


Makeup-052 Makeup-053 Makeup-054



The last finishing touch, the lips. A subtle pink lip gloss is a great go to and can easily be applied quickly.

Makeup-055 Makeup-056

Here is the before:


Check out Marcella’s finished look. Just a little more attention to technique, building a great base and picking the best shades / colors for you equals an amazing end result.


Makeup-057 Makeup-058 Makeup-059 Makeup-060 Makeup-061 Makeup-062

See Jessica. For real. She’s a been a huge help just to point me in the right direction and use make-up in a um…much better way: