This Is Only The Beginning

Each year I end a new chapter in my 30s, I love them even more.

Tara Lilly

My 20s were full of frustration…trying to figure out myself, where I want to go, what exactly I was doing. I feel as if I was fighting with myself a lot.

These new chapters have been far from perfect. That’s not the point. I still fight with myself, but I’ve discovered more about myself in these last couple of years and I’m ok with who I am. Strike that. I’m happy with who I am.

I’ve learned some important lessons this past year, would you mind if I shared them with you?

Be Uncomfortable.

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about avoiding uncomfortable situations or circumstances and embracing them. I’ve been learning this lesson for a few years now, but have found myself embrace it the most this year.

I truly believe if you continue to only be involved in opportunities in which you feel comfortable, you won’t grow and you won’t change. You’ll miss out on unique perspectives and experiences. It’s like walking down the same pathway, in the same direction, every day. You’ll never know what view you’re missing if you never try a different route.


Choose Thankfulness.

There are situations in life that make it easy to feel angry and bitter. Things that you have no control of and just…well…aren’t fair. It’s so so so easy to feel those feelings. To give into the anger, let it eat at you and become bitter. I learned to instead be thankful.


I’m thankful for these two silly boys and I got to share so much of my life with them. It’s crazy how much dogs can teach you some pretty important life lessons. No matter what, I know they love me unconditionally, just as much as I love them.


Keep Focused.

My sister has such a positive attitude. She looks for the good and doesn’t get hung up on temporary situations. I envy her for that outlook.

The other day, I asked her how she could stay so positive and keep going. Her reply was that she knew wherever she was, it’s only temporary, it won’t always be like this.

At times, it’s important more so than ever to readjust your focus. Don’t get caught up on what’s really not important and at the core of it all, really won’t matter in the long run. Keep at it and keep going.



For Goodness Sakes, Be Yourself.

I mentioned earlier about fighting with myself in my 20s. There comes a time each of us have to figure out when to let go of the definitions of how to live life that were created in our childhood and when to start living how we are intended to.

I still battle with this but find myself closer to being who I am…and not caring what people think. Talk if ya wanna talk, look if ya wanna look. Whatever. Living how others think I should is dumb. You go along your path and I’ll go along mine.

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Be Kind.

To say we do not know what battles others face is simple enough. At the very least of what I do, I want to and hope to always show kindness. Whenever I’m caught up in a moment of frustration or negative feelings, I’ll use those to fuel goodness for others.

This is probably the hardest lesson for me to always carry through. It’s tough, but can create ripples.


Here’s to another year of life and I’m so thankful for it. Do good, people. Do good.