Tice Family : Fall Portraits

I’ve known Erin for years, so it’s only fitting I do their pictures every year…or biyearly, whichever!

Sometimes though, you have a little brother that just wants to eat cookies and be with his momma. That’s ok, sometimes I’d rather just eat cookies too : D

TiceFall15-001 TiceFall15-002 TiceFall15-005 TiceFall15-006 TiceFall15-008 TiceFall15-009 TiceFall15-010 TiceFall15-011 TiceFall15-012 TiceFall15-014 TiceFall15-016 TiceFall15-017 TiceFall15-018 TiceFall15-019 TiceFall15-021 TiceFall15-022 TiceFall15-024 TiceFall15-025 TiceFall15-027 TiceFall15-028