Toes to Barbell: Fitness Photography

Recently, I photographed a shoot for Toes to Barbell to showcase their new fitness apparel. Their mission is pretty simple: provide affordable, stylish and comfortable fitness apparel. What’s even more awesome is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support the military + military families.

Their new gear just launched on their website — still hot off the press. I may or may not have one of the sweatshirts. It may or may not be the most comfy sweatshirt of my collection.

In other news, just a warning, there’s a lot of muscles about to come your way. Don’t mind me, I’m just chillen on my couch eating ice cream.

ToestoBarbell-001 ToestoBarbell-002 ToestoBarbell-003 ToestoBarbell-004 ToestoBarbell-005 ToestoBarbell-006 ToestoBarbell-007 ToestoBarbell-008 ToestoBarbell-009 ToestoBarbell-010 ToestoBarbell-011 ToestoBarbell-012 ToestoBarbell-013 ToestoBarbell-014 ToestoBarbell-015 ToestoBarbell-016 ToestoBarbell-017 ToestoBarbell-018 ToestoBarbell-019 ToestoBarbell-020 ToestoBarbell-021 ToestoBarbell-022ToestoBarbell-028
ToestoBarbell-023 ToestoBarbell-024 ToestoBarbell-026 ToestoBarbell-027