Travis + Leah : Hotel Roanoke Wedding

May 30th was an eventful day in Roanoke Virginia! The 611 was scheduled to pull into Roanoke just before 4pm, there were music festivals, art shows, the downtown was a buzz and full of people….but while the madness of downtown was stirring around, there was a courtyard in the middle of the hotel. Pink rose petals were scattered along the aisle, white fabric blew in the breeze and crystal garland sparkled in the sunlight.

It was Travis + Leah’s wedding day.

There was a part of the day when Leah had just put on her dress and her bridesmaids were adjusting the back. Her dress had buttons that down her back and each one had to be fastened. After a few minutes, I looked over at Leah to grab some more shots and noticed she was looking at her hand, just smiling. I wonder what she was thinking or what was going through her mind, just the essence of cool and her thoughts seemed full of joy.

I wish I could describe in words what it was like to see Travis + Leah see each other for the first time, honestly though, the pictures are pretty clear. Their whole wedding was full of such special moments, especially the ceremony.

Scroll down for a few…ok a lot…of my favorites!

Ceremony / Reception: Hotel Roanoke
Wedding Planner: The Perfect Fairytale
Florist: George’s Flowers
DJ: Quest Entertainment
Videographer: MPA Productions
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Photo Booth: Fun Fotos VA
Hair: Thomas Dunn Studios

Many thanks to Jared Ladia for second shooting!TravisLeah-006TravisLeah-007TravisLeah-009TravisLeah-010TravisLeah-011TravisLeah-012TravisLeah-013TravisLeah-014TravisLeah-015TravisLeah-016TravisLeah-017TravisLeah-018TravisLeah-019TravisLeah-020TravisLeah-021TravisLeah-022TravisLeah-023TravisLeah-024TravisLeah-025TravisLeah-027TravisLeah-028TravisLeah-029TravisLeah-030TravisLeah-008TravisLeah-034TravisLeah-035TravisLeah-036TravisLeah-037


Just love this shot of Leah’s dad’s hand reaching after her the moment he gives her away:


Leah and her father danced like this the whole time, just hugging each other tight: