Turning a New Page

It’s been a while since I gave y’all a life update! I hope each of you are doing well and having a great start to your spring (minus any seasonal allergies if you’re a victim of those like me).

The last time I was here giving an update on my personal life was July of last year…and man, was that a much different time for me. Not just because of the pandemic, but I was working through challenges, and if I’m honest, I was feeling lost and facing a burnout. I won’t go much into that now, but I think it’s so interesting to look back when you’re sailing rough seas to see where it leads you to today.

I recently started a new journey that has required plenty of faith, stretching outside of my comfort zone, being brave, getting out of my own way, but also quite a bit of joy.

Fun fact about me: I spent 15 years working in marketing at my “day job.” I worked my way up from Graphic Designer to Head of Marketing at various companies, different industries, and with a lot of blood + sweat. It’s my second love outside of photography and something I thoroughly enjoy just as much as being behind the camera.

So much so, along with my wedding + portrait services, I’m now offering commercial photography to help small businesses to medium-sized businesses create branded photography for their digital marketing, including email, social media, display ads, websites, blogs, etc., and if needed, print!

It’s been pretty amazing to get the opportunity to support other entrepreneurs to build their dream while combining my marketing expertise with creativity through photography.

Meanwhile, I’m still over here dabbling in baking, debating on creating a small vegetable garden this year (my neighborhood has a lot of wildlife, and they cause ruckus), and exploring the opportunity to travel more this year…or well, just travel in general.

As always, I’m still accepting wedding and portrait clients. And if you’re looking for brand, marketing, or social media photography, check out some of my work here.

Photo by Tracie Hoprich Photography