Two Furry Babies & Their People

I met Amanda years ago through the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue where she volunteers and helps to foster rescued Boxers. If you know me, you know I have a deep love for Boxers so it was easy for her and I to connect instantly.

When we initially scheduled this session it was with her older Boxer Emma as well. Last month, Emma went across the golden rainbow to run without pain or sickness. Losing a friend is never easy, especially those that are so loyal, loving and are just plain happy to see you walk through the door. No matter what, they just want to be around you.

Thank the Lord he gave us dogs. To love, to live life with, to make us laugh and always feel a warmth in our hearts (even after they tear up the roll of toilet paper and drag it through the house).

I threw in several outtakes of this session, because well, it would be a true representation of a portrait session with two puppies without them. Plus, they made me smile and I hope they do the same for you.

AmandaFamilyFall15-001 AmandaFamilyFall15-002 AmandaFamilyFall15-003 AmandaFamilyFall15-004 AmandaFamilyFall15-005 AmandaFamilyFall15-006 AmandaFamilyFall15-009 AmandaFamilyFall15-010 AmandaFamilyFall15-011 AmandaFamilyFall15-013 AmandaFamilyFall15-014 AmandaFamilyFall15-016 AmandaFamilyFall15-017 AmandaFamilyFall15-018 AmandaFamilyFall15-019 AmandaFamilyFall15-020 AmandaFamilyFall15-021 AmandaFamilyFall15-023 AmandaFamilyFall15-024 AmandaFamilyFall15-025 AmandaFamilyFall15-026 AmandaFamilyFall15-027