Tyler + Aaron : Golf Course Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding means a toss up with mother nature. I’ve seen the perfect of spring days for weddings and then, seen torrential downpours. Whatever the weather is going to do, it’s going to do it. One thing that always happens is that everything turns out ok and more importantly, there’s still a wedding.

Tyler + Aaron’s April wedding felt more like an early March wedding. The clouds hung low all day, rain could come at anytime, but the clouds seemed to only spend most of the time threatening.

Whatever the weather is doing, I’m constantly running through my head what actions I’ll take or what I’ll need to plan for. At the same time, though, you have to be prepared to just roll with what comes and make the best of it. Tyler + Aaron did just that, they were just happy to be together and it clearly showed.

A Golf Course wedding on a chilly, rainy Spring day turned out to be amazingly lovely.

Reception / Ceremony: Ole Monterey Golf Course
Florist: George’s Flowers
DJ: Master Taylor Entertainment
Hair: Les Cheveux
Make-Up: Lash

Many thanks to Jason from Simple Times Photography for shooting with me!


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Wedding Photography

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