Wedding Day Heels

I love heels. This is common knowledge.

Whenever I photograph the beginning of the wedding day, I start with details of what the bride is wearing: the dress, the jewelry, the bouquet annnnnnnd the shoes. Sometimes they are heels, sometimes they are flats, at times they are sparkly and bright, others are simple and lovely, but my heart sings when I see heels. I just can’t help it.

Here is a collection of dreamy heels my brides have worn throughout the years. Sigh. I can look at these all day  😀

12 AdamCarly-018w AdamKendraWed-020w BoxtreeWedding ChrisChelsea-005 ColinAllie-018w EliasKatie-009 GarrettCaitlin-008w HaroldBeth-008 HotelRoanokeWedding2 HouseMountainInnWedding3 HoustonBaileyWed-005w JaredChelseyWed-023w JustinAmanda-004w JustinAshleyWed-005w KeithJenniferWed-003w OlenLindy-011w PatrickHenryWedding1 PatrickMarissa-060w RK2011-009 RobertBrandi-010w TimothySarah-006w TylerAaron-003 VintonWedding3 WillBeth-015 WillieSarahw-005