When A Wedding Photographer Becomes A Guest

Who geeks out about being a guest at a wedding? Me. That’s who.


It was before my wedding biz that I attended a wedding as an actual guest. We are talking 8 years here. But there are times that good friends get married and sometimes you photograph the wedding, sometimes you give your love and support as a guest.


I recently came out from behind my camera to sit among the guests, visit the bar, dance like crazy and wear HEELS TO A WEDDING.

Sigh. Look at Diana (still can’t put my phone down, gotta take pics)!!:


Being a guest gave me a whole new perspective, especially when it comes to photographers. Cameras shutter’s are really loud during ceremonies. lol There needs to be a quiet mode option, secret-agent-photographer-silent mode.



I FOR SURE watched the photographer. What equipment they were using, what lens, what they were shooting, what they weren’t shooting, how they positioned their flash…you can learn something from everyone. I don’t know everything there is to know about photography so it’s cool to see in-person how someone else does it.


Here I am…putting my phone camera in their faces. Shesh. lol

Wedding-007 Wedding-008


I love weddings so I ate up every moment, just as I would if I were photographing. Teary eyed ceremonies and lovely first dances.

The centerpieces I died over. The flower combinations were dreamy.

Wedding-009 Wedding-010

I realized being a guest or photographer, being around other wedding guests that are drunk is equally entertaining and annoying. 🙂

I also crave Benny’s pizza after photographing or dancing the night away at a wedding.


I had a blast as a guest, but would be lying if I didn’t admit to having the itch of wanting to pick up my camera and get to work.