Wedding Photography Myth: Hiring A Photographer That Has Photographed at Your Venue

This topic has come up quite often in my years in business: Hiring a wedding photographer that has experience photographing at your venue.

It’s actually a topic that has came up twice among conversations with other photographers and potential clients in the past month.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Here’s the simple truth:
You should/must/need to hire a wedding photographer that has experience photographing at your venue is a complete MYTH.

False. Wrong. Further from the truth.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

What is the truth: Hire me because you enjoy my work, you don’t mind being around me for 8 hours on your wedding day and I offer what you’re looking for in wedding photography. If I have photographed at your wedding venue before or not — that doesn’t matter.

My eyes have been trained to watch light, to watch people, to watch moments unfold and to see a unique perspective. My hands are trained to switch settings on my camera fast, to know when to press the shutter and when to wait. Hire me because of my talents and skills.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

The truth is I actually LOVE photographing at new locations. A new location is like having a brand new blank canvas with new light to paint — it’s refreshing and exciting. I also do enjoy photographing at locations more than once — there’s always an opportunity to see the next occasion differently!

Tara Lilly Photography

So, you feel nervous about hiring a wedding photographer that has never been to your venue because they’re not familiar with….the space? The lighting? The best places to take pictures? The management? The “way they do things there?”

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

None of that matters if you’re hiring a professional photographer. In fact, all of the photographs in this post I took at wedding venues I had never photographed before…many I never even saw until the wedding day.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer




Jared + Mary

Hire a wedding photographer who’s work you love, you enjoy being around and offer the services + products that fit your needs. A new venue I’ve never visited or my old stomping grounds – either way, I’ll take good care of you and you’ll never know a difference.