The Wedding Tip I Tell All Engaged Couples

There’s a series of questions I ask engaged couples when I meet them about photographing their wedding. The normal get-to-know-you type questions, questions about their wedding plans, expectations of their wedding photography, etc.

There’s one question I ask that doesn’t necessarily have to do with wedding photography:

Have you secured a Wedding Planner / Coordinator for the day of your wedding?


Engaged couples planning a wedding think about the standard set of vendors: Minister, Caterer, florist, make-up / hairstylist, DJ, Photographer…it surprises me how many couples don’t think of or give consideration to a Wedding Planner. But, it’s a must-have for a wedding day.

Wedding Planner

Early on photographing weddings, I didn’t realize the value of a Wedding Planner until I experienced weddings WITH and weddings WITHOUT one. There is a difference…a huge difference.

Get Married, Don’t Worry About the Stuffed Mushrooms

Weddings are full of emotions for the couple and their family. There’s so much going on, having a Wedding Planner to take care of the big and small details during the day lets the couple focus on the moments of why they are there. I hate to see a bride worried about the setup of the reception when she should be enjoying getting ready with her bridesmaids. It truly is a stress reliever to have someone else take care of all of those details. Plus, the vendors aren’t bothering the bride and groom with numerous questions throughout the day, we have one person to go to that can take care of those.



Have An Ally

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob don’t get along with your parents. His parents are divorced and are on the verge of WWII. Wedding Planners can be the peacemaker for these difficult situations, they can also be the ones to approach those sensitive situations from an unbiased stance. Bonus, they can let your vendors know, like photographers and DJs, not to suggest they take a photo together or encourage them to dance together. These details are one less thing for you to worry about.




Smooth Sailing

Wedding days really do go by smoother when a Wedding Planner is involved. Wedding Planners make sure everything is setup for your wedding day, the guests are seated, your dress and veil lay perfectly when you walk down the aisle, guests know where to go for the cocktail hour, they make sure the DJ hits play at the right time for your grand entrance, show you where to cut the cake, gives the photographer a heads up when the groom is about to surprise the bride with a well-rehearsed dance….I believe you get it. An experienced Wedding Planner has seen it all and knows how to act fast when bumps arrive in plans…so you don’t have to worry about it.




In all honesty, Wedding Coordinators make my job as a Wedding Photographer easier too. I know what to expect, when to expect it and where to direct my questions so I’m not bothering the couple.

They are the angels of the Wedding industry, making sure your wedding day goes smoothly so the couple can focus on getting married and having an incredible day.