Weekend Recap #20

A small piece of hit landed on my arm. Slightly startled, I turned my attention back to the bartender. In his left hand, he held a block of ice and was chiseling smaller pieces that left mini pieces of ice flying. It made my hand feel cold just looking at him working.

“What about you?” he said, lifting his eyes from the ice cube to me. “Just a mocktail for me,” I answered.

With a curious look, he finished chiseling a smaller piece of ice and started on the drink creation. “What do you like?” he asked as he moved through measuring, pouring, slicing…I always wondered how bartenders were able to take orders and fulfill orders at the same time. That’s some kind of magical multitasking!

“Something summer-y. I like sweet.”

I could almost see the ideas start turning in his head. “Any allergies?”

“Just dairy,” I said as if it wasn’t anything. I don’t know why I do that. And off he went, finishing one drink creation and moving to mine next.

I haven’t consumed alcohol in a hot minute. Like most people, when I say that, you’re probably thinking, “Really? Why don’t you drink?”

There are several reasons, but the simplest way to answers is that I don’t like it. I fully believe I got my fill in drinking when I was younger. Maybe not. But I don’t really care for the taste or the way it makes me feel. So, I don’t!

But that mocktail, I tell you, was tasty in every sip. Not sure what it was, but something strawberry and sweet. We spent the first half of our Friday sipping cock(mock)tails at Idlewild in NoDa before heading to Salud for pizza pizza pizza (sorry, it’s engraved in my brain from years of Little Ceaser’s commercials). I always get excited when places have vegan pizzas on the menu, and it’s something a little out of the ordinary, which is what Salud has: Violife Vegan Cheese, Vegan Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Arugula, Garlic, Mushroom, White Onion, Calabrian Chiles, Pumpkin Seeds. Next time I’ll get it without the kick of spice because your girl can’t handle it. Other than that, it was a winner.

Then a quick walk around NoDa made for some interesting photo moments. A lot of great murals but I was interested more in the people. Hi, I’m the creeper that’s taking random street photos of people.

We ventured down to SC and ended up at the Riverwalk. Whenever I’m exploring a new little town (to me) or areas, I usually navigate towards the areas that have water. Not to swim or dip my toes in, just to walk by it and sit for an unscheduled amount of time to refill the soul. Or something poetic like that, but really, time by the water does something for my soul. I just love it.

Also, I have a few clients in South Carolina, so this spot could be used for future photoshoot purposes. (Also, it’s twirl-worthy, I checked).

Sunday is my hammock day. Whatever is going on, I try to spend at least a good hour in it during the warmer seasons. Reading, listening to podcasts, watching a movie, or just listening to the birds, are all acceptable, including a little doze off if needed.

I don’t know what was going on with me Sunday, but I couldn’t get it together in the hammock. Here’s a video to prove it.

Sunday ended with a fire pit and way fewer twigs in the yard. I kept my camera outside with me and grabbed some of the shots through the fire pit. I ended the night watching the fire dwindle and fill the air with smoke and that lovely burning wood smell.