What I’ve Learned From The Rain


This whole raining for two weeks thing has been both a nuisance and a blessing.

As a photographer and baby of fall, it’s been frustrating to see the rain day after day. I just want to go outside without my rain coat or umbrella in tow.

But then there’s also been some really great things about all of the rain we had, minus the threat of flooding. The rain tends to clear my head and help me take a breather. I know it’s easy to complain about, but here’s a different look at rainy days.

They make the perfect “reset” days:
Your favorite cup of flavored coffee or tea. A good book or movie. A cozy blanket. A moment to let what it is, just be. Spend a rainy day on things you’ve been putting for to long, like relaxing and having a few moments just for yourself.

Jump in the puddles:
Instead of complaining about the rainy days and let them hinder whatever plans you had, adjust and have fun. Throw on the galoshes and jump in the puddles. Grab the umbrella and take a walk. There’s something so calming about hearing the rain fall around you. Don’t let a rainy day upset your mood, change your perspective and make it a fun day.


Rainy days will pass:
These days will eventually go away. Your grass maybe be higher and greener, your mum’s color a little brighter and butterflies may linger a little longer. Rainy days are just temporary, the sun will come back out again.

You’ll Dry:
Sometimes you’re not prepared for rain and you have to make a mad dash to your car, but still end up soaking wet. That’s life and you’ll dry. If an unexpected rain storm comes along, roll with it because no matter how upset you get, you can’t make it stop raining. Oh, and always invest in more than one umbrella, stored in more than one place.

My take: use rainy days to your advantage. They’re not all terrible and make for a reason for you to give up or complain. This girl still grabbed her camera + umbrella and photographed anyways. Today also made the perfect day to try out the Pumpkin Streusel Pancake recipe I’ve been eyeing. Stay around a little, won’t you rain, but when you’re ready to leave, I’m ready to see my sunshine : D