Willie + Sarah : Halloween Wedding

To know Willie + Sarah, one wouldn’t be surprised they had their wedding on Halloween. Sarah is one of the most creative people I know so I knew their wedding would be memorable. Every detail was thought of and it was a dream to photograph.

Willie + Sarah chose to do a first look. When I told Sarah it was time for the first look, she came running down stairs, down a ramp and through the yard to greet Willie. Literally. It was so cute.

As I went back through their photos, it was hard to find a photo both of them were NOT smiling in. It was a day just for them to share with family and friends…celebrating a new chapter in their book and it was awesome.

Venue: Mountain View Center
Wedding Planner: Events by Simplicity, Vicki Itson
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Band: The Zombie Band
Videographer: Weddings in Roanoke
Officiant: Karen Osborne
Cakes: Cakes by Lisa
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle
Florist: Creative Occasions
Lighting: Lighting Ninjas
Rentals: Aztec
Hair: Rock, Paper Beauty
Make-up: Jessica Hall
Transportation: Mountain Valley

Halloween Wedding WillieSarahw-005 WillieSarahw-006 WillieSarahw-007 WillieSarahw-008 WillieSarahw-009 WillieSarahw-010 WillieSarahw-011 WillieSarahw-012 WillieSarahw-014 WillieSarahw-015 WillieSarahw-016 WillieSarahw-017 WillieSarahw-018 WillieSarahw-019 WillieSarahw-021 WillieSarahw-022 WillieSarahw-024 WillieSarahw-025 WillieSarahw-027 WillieSarahw-028 WillieSarahw-029 WillieSarahw-030 WillieSarahw-032 WillieSarahw-034 WillieSarahw-035 WillieSarahw-036 WillieSarahw-037 WillieSarahw-038 WillieSarahw-039 WillieSarahw-040 WillieSarahw-043 WillieSarahw-046 WillieSarahw-048 Halloween Wedding WillieSarahw-051 WillieSarahw-052 WillieSarahw-053 WillieSarahw-054 WillieSarahw-055 WillieSarahw-057 WillieSarahw-058 WillieSarahw-059 WillieSarahw-060 WillieSarahw-061 WillieSarahw-062 WillieSarahw-001 WillieSarahw-003 WillieSarahw-065 WillieSarahw-067

WillieSarahw-110 Halloween Wedding WillieSarahw-070 WillieSarahw-071 WillieSarahw-072 WillieSarahw-073 WillieSarahw-074 WillieSarahw-075 WillieSarahw-076 WillieSarahw-077 WillieSarahw-079 WillieSarahw-080 WillieSarahw-081 WillieSarahw-082 WillieSarahw-083 WillieSarahw-084 WillieSarahw-085 WillieSarahw-088 WillieSarahw-090 WillieSarahw-091 WillieSarahw-092 WillieSarahw-093 WillieSarahw-095 WillieSarahw-096 WillieSarahw-097 WillieSarahw-098 WillieSarahw-099 WillieSarahw-101 WillieSarahw-102 WillieSarahw-103 WillieSarahw-104 WillieSarahw-105 WillieSarahw-106 WillieSarahw-108 WillieSarahw-109