Wrapping Up Summer With Some Favorites

It’s been a while. I’m very sorry.

I’m usually very good at keeping my blog more up to date than, er, twice a month. Yikes. August came in like a wrecking ball, it hit so hard…just kidding. It’s been a great month, I can’t wait to catch up here.

Since August is ending next week and fall mode is shortly thereafter, there’s a last bit of summer I’m enjoying:

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Playing with colors and patterns:

Pastels, bright colors, bold patterns, whichever. I just love it when people have their own style and do their own thing. I saw a guy totally rocking a fanny pack the other day and he was owning it. Just do your thaaaang, that’s what I say.

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Creative ways to eat healthy:

It’s just hard to eat healthy sometimes. Especially when you want a deep dish, cheesy pizza, nothing else will cut it. I’ve started to use some creative ways to get protein and an appropriate amount of calories. I’m still working on my skill of cooking hard boiled eggs perfectly. Is this a safe place to admit that? Hard boiled eggs + a dash of honey mustard tastes a lot like deviled eggs.


Surprise books:

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to books, especially the ones that have such a simple message, like motivation, but are done in a powerful way. Often times, all you need is beautiful typography to deliver an impactful message. This little guy was given as a gift, such a great surprise!

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All the ice cream for summer:

I still eat ice cream in the winter, let’s just get that on the table now. I do believe ice cream tastes better in the summer, so every weekend, guess what I eat?

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Playtime with makeup:

I finally treated myself to new makeup and brushes, it had been a while. Ulta hooked this girl up with a bunch of freebies (everything pictured). I never knew there was a product called brow tint. Is that bad?

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New adventures:

I love my weekend getaways, or what I like to call: my adventures. I try to take them as much as I can to explore areas just a drive away. I took my very first trip to the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. It reminded me of a large cruise ship, on land. Beautiful scenery, lovely architecture, but I do not want to do that drive again. Those curvy, narrow roads, yikes. I’m the person that gets car sick WHILE DRIVING.

Here’s to making summer last…for just a few more days!