Brittany : Bridal Portraits


I usually don’t photograph portraits indoors unless mother nature decides to not incorporate and there’s no option to try another day.

I’m kind of glad mother nature decided to pour down the rain because then this was able to happen : )

Patrick Henry Ballroom BrittanyBridal-003w BrittanyBridal-005w BrittanyBridal-007w BrittanyBridal-008w BrittanyBridal-010w BrittanyBridal-012w BrittanyBridal-014w BrittanyBridal-015w BrittanyBridal-017w BrittanyBridal-019w BrittanyBridal-020w BrittanyBridal-021w BrittanyBridal-023w BrittanyBridal-024w