Cel + Caitlin : Bent Mountain Wedding


I think when it came to Cel + Caitlin’s wedding day many, if not all, their friends and family thought “it’s about time!”. These two have been together since high school and on top of Bent Mountain they finally said “I Do”. A few favorites from their wedding day:

– A few minutes before their ceremony was to begin, it started to pour…and pour. A few minutes later and the sun burst out. Friends and family wiped off chairs, and before we knew it, Caitlin was making her way down the aisle to Cel. The rain stayed away the rest of the evening but a rainbow made a very brief appearance, just for enough time that Cel + Caitlin could stand under it for a quick shot.

– Caitlin’s father had in his possession a bottle of 30+ year old bourbon from her grandfather…so old, they don’t even make it anymore. He popped open the bottle and shared a drink with Cel and the groomsmen at the wedding.

– Cel had apparently “iced” Caitlin a couple years ago on Christmas morning (a game of surprising someone with a ::warm:: Smirnoff Ice who then has to chug the whole thing…gross). So, while Cel had reached for Cailtin’s garter…there was his payback for all to see and witness : )

– Caitlin’s family has a tradition of singing “Me and Bobby McGee”. Everyone gathered around in a semi-circle, swayed and sang at the top of their lungs.

The details:

Ceremony: Bent Mountain Lodge

Florist: Arrington Flowers

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Hair: Hair Associates

Caterer: Wildwood Smokehouse

Cake: Penelope’s Cakes and Jams





Love this one:


Guess who was in the wedding!:


Love this moment of Caitlin taking it all in:


Chris’ point of view:


My point of view: