Cel + Caitlin : Engaged


Cel and Caitlin are true high school sweethearts. They met when they were in the 11th grade and eight years later, they’re planning a September wedding.  Annnd just because they’ve been together for eight years doesn’t mean they’re not very much into each other. At one point during their engagement session, I was photographing them and noticed Cel gently rubbing Caitlin’s hand, she’d look up at him and a grin would appear across his face. Sigh.

Even their furbaby girl (I’d spell her name but I know I’d slaughter it) made an appearance during their session. Can we say calmest dog ever!! Rumor has it, she may be even making an appearance at their wedding…I’d die. Anyways, on with the good stuff:



I’m pretty sure I giggled after taking this…and seeing it later while editing:


I mean just look at these two, sigh:


So beautiful!

I am so pleased with these Tara, and so excited to receive the rest of them! I’ll be checking the mail constantly!! 🙂 Thank you so much.