Chad & Kimberly Engaged : Roanoke Portrait Photographer


I’m always intrigued to hear how couples meet, each story is different and a little bit of fate always play undoubtedly a part. Chad and Kim met through a mutual friend…that lived in another state! Kim was living in Richmond so seeing each other wasn’t always possible, until just a couple of weeks ago when she made the move across Virginia to be closer to Chad. They’re getting married in Lexington at a winery in October, which I absolutely can’t wait for!

I joined Chad and Kim at the Peaks of Otter on a warm summer morning. And oh-my-goodness what have I been missing!! I’ve NEVER been to the Peaks of Otter, in all of my years of living in Roanoke…never! The drive on the Parkway to the Peaks was one of the best I’ve had in a long time and there was so many great spots, I could photograph there 4594093 times and still not be done. Here are a few from Chad and Kim’s session:




Chad and Kim actually have a funny story with this umbrella and their first date so we had to use it in a couple of shots: