Clayton + Bre : Roanoke Engagement Photographer


Isn’t it amazing? How two people from different places, different backgrounds, find each other.

As part of a military family, Bre spent most of her child hood living in different places until finally settling in Pennsylvania.

Clayton grew up here in Roanoke, played sports at a local high school.

But they both ended up at Radford University. And out of a campus full of students, they found each other.

Clayton + Bre’s engagement session happened the day after a major storm went through our area and what felt like the hottest day ever. Trees were down, roads were closed, limbs and leaves everywhere. And I had a super close call with a snake — eek!! Can you tell from the images that any of that happened?? : )



Isn’t Bre gorgeous?!


Shortly after this, the horse tried to eat Clayton’s shirt! Guess he was hungry!


Had to bring some RU into their session!:


Oh my gracious! Beyond Beautiful!!!

love love love! Thank you Tara for such beautiful photographs.