Clayton + Breanne : House Mountain Inn Wedding


Clayton + Breanne. What can I say? One of the sweetest couples and so very much head over heels for each other.

On their wedding day, a couple of things happened that I’ve never experienced one that I’ll remember always, as I sure Clayton + Breanne will as well as their guests…It was a warm summer day and clouds moved across the blue sky, no rain in sight. The outdoor ceremony just started and a couple drops of rain quickly turned into a complete downpour. Backup to an hour or so earlier and I caught Breanne looking out the window of her room at the sky. She turned to me and said “Really, I don’t care if it’s sunny or if it rains, I’m just excited to get married.”  And I truly believe that was true because even after the ceremony had to be delayed and guests moved to another area…she kept her smile.

A couple of my favorite moments from Clayton + Breanne’s wedding:

– During their ceremony, Clayton + Breanne had a quiet moment of prayer alone with their minister. While they prayed together, “Beloved” was sang acoustic…it was such an amazing, touching moment.

– Clayton can siiiiiinnnnng (and dance!) and it was just perfect when he sang the song for Breanne and her father’s dance.

– THE CAKE CUTTING. Never have I ever seen a cake cutting like this before….you’ll just have to scroll down to see what I’m talking about!


The details:

Ceremony / Reception / Catering: House Mountain Inn / Lexington, VA

Florist: University Florist

Hair / Make-up: Salon of Lexington

Cake (read Mini Cheesecakes!): Country Confections

DJ: Music Music and More Music

Dress: Watters

Shoes: LuLu Townsend


Trying to take a peek at his bride:

Breanne’s girls were so excited for her:

They love to fish and there so happened to be a stocked pond:


Ooooh here comes the cake cutting: