Colin + Allie : Virginia Tech Wedding


Surrounded by close family and friends, Colin + Allie exchanged vows on a warm fall day in November. As they spoke words that clearly came from their heart, tissues were passed around. These two. I tell you what. So sweet and so in love. A few of my favorite moments:

– While Allie was getting ready, the necklace she was going to wear fell a part in her hands. She looked at the necklace, said “Oh well. That’s ok.” and turned to her collection of jewelry to find a new necklace. I adored just how easy going she was on her wedding day.

– Before Allie arrived to the ceremony, Colin anxiously awaited, he paced and would peek through the trees to see white. Once the announcement was made that Allie has arrived, a smile spread across Colin’s face.

– Allie had a surprise performance for Colin:  she clogged! Wearing her clogging shoes from middle school she danced her heart out. It was adorable.


Ceremony: VT Duck Pond

Reception: Bride and Groom’s home

Florist: VT Floral Design Department

Caterer: Hethwood Market

Cake: Kroger

Videographer: Jeremy Mitchell Cinema





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YAY! Wonderful. Thank you Tara!