Cory + Grace : Smith Mountain Lake Wedding


Her name suites her, perfectly. I think Anna, Grace’s sister hit the nail on the head. Grace truly is full of grace – if she ever was stressed on her wedding day, no one ever knew it. Full of smiles and soft words she seems to put everyone at ease that’s around her. Add Cory to the picture and her smiles glows even more so. He makes her laugh…a lot! I found Grace looking at Cory many times on their wedding day, one of those looks that didn’t need any words because you knew exactly how she felt. And when Cory saw Grace for the first time that day…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

A few of my favorite moments from Cory + Grace’s wedding day:

– Cory + Grace had their ceremony in the backyard of Grace’s parents house. Out in the country, a slight breeze would stir the air while family and friends watched on, laughing and at times, showing tears with them.

– When taking portraits, I turned my back and when I turned around, I found Cory kneeled down, fixing Grace’s dress, making sure it was laying perfectly on the ground. I think she’ll for sure be well taken care of : )

– THE RECEPTION! Holy smokes…all I can say is the DANCING. You’ll have to scroll down to see what I’m talking about.


Ceremony: Grace’s Parent’s House

Reception: Waterfront Country Club / Moneta

Caterer: Waterfront Country Club

Cupcakes: KupKakery

Hair: Westlake Salon and Spa

Dress: Alita Graham for Klienfeld

Shoes: MIA

DJ: Jamie with King’s Entertainment



Cory’s seeing Grace for the first time walking down the aisle:


Grace seeing Cory for the first time, waiting for her:


Hellooooo gorgeous bride:


Love, love, love, looooove Grace’s hair:


Wowsa…look at this groom:


Cory and his groomsmen were a hoot. Most entertaining groomsmen portraits:


This one just makes me smile, even though you can’t see Grace’s smile, you can see it in her eyes:


Then Michael Jackson came on:


And it was amazing (real shot btw, no photoshopping whatsoever!). Chris rocks at snapping dancing shots:


Then Mr. Bon Jovi made these images awesome:


Jamie taught everyone a new dance and they rocked it out:


Slideshow Time!