Courage to Change


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Truth: I have a love / hate relationship with change. I love it because it leads to something new (sometimes a whole new chapter), whenever there’s change, I know something WILL come out of it and it can be exciting. I hate it because usually it’s the fear of the unknown and at first…or for a while until I get with it, it doesn’t seem like the best thing.

But with change being decided for you or you making the decision, I’ve found comes courage to accept or initiate the change. It isn’t always easy but it’s necessary.

Story time:

When I was younger my parents and teachers would describe me as very shy, almost painfully shy. I was pretty quiet and wasn’t comfortable with a lot of attention (ok, I’m still not). When I went through middle and high school, I wasn’t as shy, but still had a hard time letting my voice be heard and even more so, had a hard time being myself. In high school, I was really bad about not standing up for myself. Ugh…it makes me cringe just thinking about it. But again, I’d rather be passed over than draw attention to myself. As I grew into my 20’s it started to occur to me that not speaking up and not being who I was….sucked! I made some pretty big changes in my 20’s. I decided to let some people out of my life, let new people in my life, quit a job that was holding me back, stick up for myself, state my opinion, ask questions, disagree and more importantly, be myself (expressive faces, animated hand motions, elaborate talk and all). One HUGE change for me was overcoming my shyness. It was early on in my photography business that I discovered if I wanted to be successful I had to network. Oh man, that word used to get the same reaction from me as spiders do. Years ago when I first attended other networking events it was nothing less than awful and awkward. I was screaming inside to leave and always took my first chance. I know this is something I had to do and work on. It took several networking events for me to finally overcome my shyness and the fear of actually going up to someone AND talk to them (I know….super scary). It’s still not completely comfortable, who is completely comfortable talking to a room of strangers anyways?! But again, I realized I had to make that change within myself, it would hurt my business and in the end cause myself a lot of regret if I didn’t just try. And man am I glad I did…unbelievable things have come from just stepping out of the corner and giving myself a chance to uh, be myself!

Sometimes it’s easy to just make a switch and initiate changes but other times, it’s baby steps. Believe me, I’ve been through both. But if you want something different, if you want to be more, you  need to have the courage to make the change.

And one change that I’m incredibly happy to see, is an early Spring, my favorite season everrrrr.


Tara Lilly Photography


Tricia, you just say the sweetest things. Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for stopping by and sharing!

Tara, I think you are amazingly wonderful *just as you are*!
I love this post and I can relate to it on so many levels. I detest change but I’ve learned that the only constant in life *is* change. Imagine that! 🙂 Middle school & high school were MISERABLE days for me, as well – and it took me some time to find my own groove. Now as a mother, my goal in raising Victoria & Sofia is that they will fully be themselves and grow into the fullest potential of themselves. Baby steps, just like you said! Anyhow, just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing on your blog! And thanks for last Sunday!