Dan + Lindsey : Roanoke Wedding


She sang at the top of her lungs Country Roads, Take Me Home. She had quite a crowd gathered around the stage, singing at the top of their lungs with her. When I scanned the group, I found him, just looking at her and smiling. I could tell there was something she brought out of him that no one else did…and he liked it. He liked her so much so that on that very same day, he married her.

This is Dan + Lindsey.

On a perfect spring day, surrounded by almost 200 friends and family, they gathered at a church in downtown Roanoke and then celebrated well into the night. As sparklers lit the night sky, they took off on a new journey together…as husband and wife.

Ceremony: St. Johns / Roanoke
Reception: Taubman Museum of Art
Coordinator: Kellie Minter
Florist: George’s Flowers
Hair / Make-up: Les Cheveux
Caterer: Schaals
Band: The Domino Band

Many thanks to Jason at Simple Times Photography for shooting with me!


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