David + Samantha : Braeloch Wedding


It was hot. Really hot on David + Samantha’s wedding day but that didn’t stop the celebration of family and friends coming together for these two.

A few favorite moments:

– Sometimes I don’t spend a lot of time with couples until their wedding day, which is how it happened with David + Samantha. But these two. I tell you, they have something special. Watching David reach into his pocket and wipe Samantha’s face or just how they would laugh with each other.

– Samantha’s two younger brothers walked her down the aisle. They looked so proud 🙂

– Before the garter toss, David did a little dance to remove the garter. It was quite a show!


Ceremony / Reception: Braelock in Vinton
Florist: Bloomin Dove-Haus
Caterer: Montanos
Cake: Cake by Anne
DJ: Kings Entertainment

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