A Day with Ketcher


I recently hanged out with lil Ketcher one day. No wonder he’s so happy, his days are full of playing cars, fun with mom and dad, eating sweet potatoes and giggles. Ah, the life : )

Roanoke Baby Portraits Ketcher-004 Ketcher-005 Ketcher-006 Ketcher-008 Ketcher-009 Ketcher-010 Ketcher-011 Ketcher-012 Ketcher-013 Ketcher-014 Ketcher-015 Ketcher-017 Ketcher-018 Ketcher-020 Ketcher-021 Ketcher-023 Ketcher-025 Ketcher-026 Ketcher-027 Ketcher-028 Ketcher-029 Ketcher-030 Ketcher-032 Ketcher-034