Dexter & His Humans : Roanoke Photographer


Oh, this boy.

A true boxer through and through he certainly loves his humans, Will and Leah. In just a short year he’s grown so much but still has some of his puppy ways. I think someone is ready for Christmas : D

WillLeah_Winter14-001 WillLeah_Winter14-002 WillLeah_Winter14-003 WillLeah_Winter14-004 WillLeah_Winter14-005 WillLeah_Winter14-006 WillLeah_Winter14-008 WillLeah_Winter14-011 WillLeah_Winter14-012 WillLeah_Winter14-013 WillLeah_Winter14-015 WillLeah_Winter14-017 WillLeah_Winter14-019 WillLeah_Winter14-020 WillLeah_Winter14-021 WillLeah_Winter14-022 WillLeah_Winter14-023