Dustin + Jessica : Engaged


Winding the curvy roads through the country side, wind blowing through my open windows, I pulled into their gravel driveway spotting wild buttercups spread all over their property. Standing in their driveway, Dustin and Jessica reached up with a friendly wave. It wasn’t too long ago Dustin and Jessica moved to Roanoke from their home state of West Virginia. After living in the city for a while they soon realized being back in the country was where they wanted to be. Their farm in Botetourt County was the perfect location for their engagement session.

Dustin and Jessica are the kind of people that are full of southern hospitality and truly, down to earth. They have a love for animals, which you’ll meet below. Planning an August wedding at a local Equestrian location is a perfect location for these two.


Meet Newt, Dustin and Jessica’s new puppy:
Tara Lilly Design + Photography


Dustin and Jessica rescued Chippy, the squirrel, about a year ago when his mom dropped him.

Tara Lilly Design + PhotographyTara Lilly Design + PhotographyTara Lilly Design + Photography


Do you see all those wild buttercups?!

Tara Lilly Design + PhotographyTara Lilly Design + Photography


Dustin is a Ford guy, Jessica is a Dodge girl. You can imagine the conversations they have : )


Aren’t they just the cutest!

Tara Lilly Design + Photography


There’s a tree on the farm with an old heart carved out of it. It’s a bit hard to make out the initials now but since their house was built in the 1930s, who knows how old the carving is.