Everett + Sarah Engaged : Roanoke Wedding Photographer


When I first met Everett and Sarah, I knew there was something familiar, couldn’t quite put my finger on it but after they told how they met at church and they will be getting married at the church they met – BAM – it wasn’t but a few years ago I had been going to the same church and knew Everett. Man, what a small world!

What’s great about Everett and Sarah is what they bring out in each other, Everett certainly makes Sarah laugh and Sarah totally has Everett head over heels for her. We spent most of the engagement session walking around Hotel Roanoke and then headed to downtown Roanoke near sunset. Who would’ve thought I almost had to pull my mace out in downtown Roanoke when a very odd man came too close to Sarah’s purse. Good thing my evil eye is lethal within itself – kidding!

But enough of that, let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?



Now that’s what I call a dip!



Sarah and Everett both LOVE Starbucks, so what better way to show her oh-so-shiny ring than with their favorite drink.